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self-described genius.

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[doctor who] vote saxon

Comment to be added.

New LJ. Add me, Kasey! LoL.


Greetings, I am Amy, I'm from Baltimore, MD. I have read you through the guinea pig forum and other people that I have friended and have friended you. So, I friend you so I can get to know you too.


May I please be added? :)

Can I friend you? I always enjoy your Squirt pics on guinea_pigs

Kiyoshi says that I must add you so that I can find out the inner workings of Squirts slaves mind.

He thinks that this will aid him in taking over the world.

hi, i added you! adrienne (solarpowerspork) recommended i do so, i hope that's okay. feel free to add me back!

wow. a layout with scrubs and then a life aquatic friends only sign????? im highly jealous.

ps. you should add me =)


i'm Kit's ex-boyfriend's little sister, Katie...
i think you probably already know that, but just a formal introduction.

anyway, i have heard a lot about you and if you are anything like Kit, i would love to read your lj, which i bet is hilarious.

hi Kit's ex-boyfriends little sister Katie. hmm. that's a mouthful. I'll just call you Katie :)

consider yourself added

You're pretty cool, so I'd like to add you. Feel free to add back! Oh, and thanks for pointing me to customers_suck via your profile; I'm loving it. LOL.

I've seen you comment before on kaylees journal, & I think you're pretty intelligent.
Add me back?

in The Stranger, nice to meet you. You seem like the type of person who could understand me, and vice versa, so why not find out? I like your hair, and the way that you don't smile.

You: particular, intelligent nerd with a thing for words
Me: hippie gamer with a love for the outdoors and quirky sense of humor

Trip to the aquarium and we can discuss our taste in movies?

I have to say I'm utterly amused at the notion of being found through LoveLab. Hell, I forgot I even had an account there! Everything is so incredibly outdated.

I've been drinking and it's way past my bedtime, so unfortunately I have no brain space to come up with anything more than Hey- how goes it?, but perhaps at a later time when I've had more sleep and less vodka, we can converse properly.

Hello. My name is Darcie; I'm 23, and I'm from California. I found you from adayinmylife and thought you seemed interesting. Hope you don't mind I added you.

(Deleted comment)

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