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teh best of teh best of teh best of teh best, and so on...
[doctor who] vote saxon
Working hardcore on the book lately. Seems like doing that and going to the gym are the only things I do anymore.

I've noticed the inevitable decline of creepster e-mails from Craigslist and I'm quite happy at this point. I was getting some real idiots. I just don't understand why you wouldn't put your best foot forward in writing to someone you think is cute/hot/right for you. Instead you arse it up and wonder why no one ever gets back to you.

Anyway, in celebration of being done with Craigslist personals, I'm posting the best of the best of the best to amuse not only myself, but my lovely friends out there.

And the gods said, LET THERE BE CRAP!Collapse )


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